Today actor Scott Caudill is going to tackle some of his fans’ most frequently asked questions. He’ll talk about himself as an actor, his life overall, and his acting career thus far, so stay tuned for answers to your questions!

Actor Scott Caudill Answers Some of Your Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Is Scott Caudill your real name?

A: Yes! Although in my music career I used to go by the name “Jesic” and now I go by the name “Scooter Page“. I use my real name for my acting career, though.

Q: When were you born?

A: I was born on December 3rd, 1976. (Yes, today is my birthday!)

Q: How old were you when you did Disney’s Newsies?

A: I was fifteen when I danced in Newsies.

Q: Are you close to any famous personalities?

A: I have considered Meatloaf a close friend and personal advisor since our work together on HBO’s Wishcraft in 2002.

Q: Why are you getting back into acting?

A: I have always enjoyed acting, but I put things on pause when I was finishing high school. Then I returned to acting for about twelve years before taking another break to focus on my songwriting and music. But my love for acting has always been there “behind the scenes”, which is why I recently made the decision to get back to auditioning for acting roles!

Q: How can you manage to be a songwriter and actor?

A: Acting is my passion, songwriting is my release outlet.

I’ve always used writing as a release, it’s a way to speak out about my deeper personal experiences without just saying them out loud. It’s about turning experiences into inspiration and encouraging others to feel that depth of emotion.

As far as juggling my time, I have two fantastic representatives who help to keep me on track with all of my commitments! (Their information is at the bottom of today’s post.)

Q: Which TV shows have you most enjoyed being in?

A: I’ve had the opportunity to act in quite a few different roles in a number of different TV shows and I have to tell you that I’ve enjoyed every single one of them! One of the best things about acting is that you have the opportunity to take on so many different roles and each of them allows you to be someone completely different from the last one. I enjoy the creativity and the diversity that each of my TV roles has provided me.


If you’re interested in booking either of Scott’s personalities for your upcoming production, he can be contacted directly through his agents as noted below.

For his acting roles, Scott is represented by Eleven 7 Artist Management.

Eleven 7 Artist Management

For his singing and songwriting work, Scooter Page can be contacted directly

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