Scooter Page‘s most recent release  ‘DANCAPAGELECTROLAND’ EP is out now and it’s one album that Scooter fans don’t want to miss!

DANCAPAGELECTROLAND: Scooter Page’s Newest Release

DANCAPAGELECTROLAND is a nine-track album that Scooter Page (AKA Scott Caudill) released this month. The full length of the album is thirty-four minutes.

Like all of Scooter’s music, this album really can’t be defined by any one genre, it’s a culmination of many and echoes the originality of Scooter Page’s music.

Tracks on the new album include:

The Introduction
Moving On
Music Mood (Album Version)
You’re Me
Love With You
Only Love
The Conclusion

To listen to DANCAPAGELECTROLAND through your favorite music streaming service check out the following links:

Scooter Page’s new album on Apple Music

Scooter Page’s new album on Spotify

Scooter Page’s new album on Pandora

Scooter Page’s new album through the iTunes Store

Scooter Page’s new album on Deezer

If you have never listened to Scooter’s music before, this is a great album to cut your teeth on. Featuring some of his best work yet, DANCAPAGELECTROLAND will take you on a journey through sound that has been created by the most creative of minds.

The title track of this album Dancapage is an energetic song with an infectious beat that will wake you up and get you moving on even the dreariest day. It’s no wonder that this is already one of the most listened to tracks on the newly released album!


To know Scooter Page’s music is to know Scooter Page. His sound isn’t easily categorized and he crosses your typical boundaries with ease, delivering his own captivating style. His influences are as vast as his imagination. He was brought up around the smooth sounds of Pop/R&B, the hard-hitting beats of Hip-Hop, and the high energy of Rock. Now imagine blending all that with legend influencers like Prince, and Ozzy Osbourne, to bands like Aerosmith, and Gun N Roses; soul crooners like Marvin Gaye, and James Brown, and rap artists like Snoop Dog, and Eminem. Then to satisfy his Dance Music craving he also credits influence to Producer/DJ’s like Excision and Skrillex. Scooter Page’s vast influences and creativity allow him to create records without genre limitations. He relies solely on a mystical connection to the music to guide these journeys. Heartfelt, thought-provoking, and full of energy, his music has found a home in the openminded alternative music scene. He knows no limits, and with his music see’s no boundaries. This is what makes a Scooter Page record a timeless piece of art.

Are You Interested in Booking Scooter Page?

If you’re interested in booking either of Scooter’s personalities for your upcoming production, he can be contacted directly through his agents as noted below.

For his acting roles, Scott Caudill is represented by Eleven 7 Artist Management.

Eleven 7 Artist Management

For his singing and songwriting work, Scooter Page can be contacted directly


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