Love With You Lyrics – Scooter Page

What’s this thing that I hold to

What’s this thing in a glow

What’s the point trying to hold me

If you always let me go


I found it here and I want your body

It’s inside, deep inside me


I can’t tell no one

I won’t show no one

Can’t even bring you around

Believe in me when you cut I bleed

I’m on my knees begging

It’s beyond my control

I’m locked, loaded, ready to roll

Why don’t you just shoot me

I can tell no one

I won’t show no one

That I’m in love with you baby


Can’t seem to see without you

But I lose sight when you’re there

Focus lights surround the room

But all I see are glares


What’s this point, have you lost your mind?

Stand in front, can’t you draw the line?


Here’s the format

A mind scan

Ain’t no life with a toe tag,

Heart dead, it’s not a fad,

Fakeness carries the rags,

Someone to touch this,

To feel bliss,

Stop hiding and waiting,

Step out,

Love with you now


Written by Niko Vaude, Scooter Page


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