The Actor

S cott Caudill started his acting career at the age of 13. His first SAG job was the Disney classic film turned Tony award-winning play, Newsies. He was booked as a principle kid dancer. He was given the nickname “Nose”. Booking the job without any representation, the Newsies casting agent quickly put the word out. Child agent Judy Savage got the call and came to the set to witness his personality and performance. Blown away, she quickly signed Scott to her Savage Agency. Soon after, he booked his first speaking role in another classic film, 3 Ninjas, playing “Darrin The Bully”.

He would go on to reprieve his role in the sequel 3 Ninjas Kickback. Both films scored at the box office. Taking a break to finish high school, Scott stepped out of the acting spotlight. After turning 21, he returned to acting, now repped by Sid Levin of The Levin Agency.

Sid quickly started submitting and Caudill quickly started booking yet again (see below for credits). After 12 years of working in TV and films, Caudill took a break to focus on other creative ventures. Recently reenergized and re-inspired, he signed with Eleven 7 Artist Management and Eris Talent Agency to reignite his acting career. He is currently back auditioning!

TV & Film