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To know Scooter Page’s music is to know Scooter Page. His sound isn’t easily categorized and he crosses your typical boundaries with ease, delivering his own captivating style. His influences are as vast as his imagination. He was brought up around the smooth sounds of Pop/R&B, the hard-hitting beats of Hip-Hop, and the high energy of Rock. Now imagine blending all that with legend influencers like Prince, and Ozzy Osbourne, to bands like Aerosmith, and Gun N Roses; soul crooners like Marvin Gaye, and James Brown, and rap artists like Snoop Dog, and Eminem. Then to satisfy his Dance Music craving he also credits influence to Producer/DJ’s like Excision and Skrillex. Scooter Page’s vast influences and creativity allow him to create records without genre limitations. He relies solely on a mystical connection to the music to guide these journeys. Heartfelt, thought-provoking, and full of energy, his music has found a home in the openminded alternative music scene. He knows no limits, and with his music see’s no boundaries. This is what makes a Scooter Page record a timeless piece of art.

Scooter Page

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A s a writer Scooter Page is well seasoned and trained. He has been writing songs and stories since his childhood. He wrote and released his first songs professionally in 1999 as the artist “JESIC” on the album Point In Time.

He has been writing and collaborating ever since. He is also signed onto Sound Oasis Productions LLC, with head publishing coordinator Valerie Jones. He is to this day still in partnership with SOP with previous released works. Whether he is writing with Rock N Roll hall of famers such as Little Anthony, or newcomers Ogie Banks and Suga Wolf or his collaboration with singer song writer Matt Sequeira (who will all soon be releasing singles on Marbleized), he goes all in.

Writing has always been his most personal outlet of release. Pulling from deep personal life experiences, or people and the surroundings, it’s all about the inspiration in the end. He is seeking to make the listener feel something that touches and moves them, and as the journey continues, so will the inspired works that follow.

Scooter is always looking to collaborate! For co-writing interest visit the contact page!


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