We posted recently about the new Scooter Page album release – Dancapagelectroland which was released just last month. Today we’re going to take a look at what everyone is saying about this newest release!

New Scooter Page Album Release Reviews From Listeners Worldwide

Entertainment Paper did a short piece on Scooter’s music just before the new album released. What did they have to say?

“[Scooter’s] diversity is evident as you go through his track list and it’s incredible to hear. In a world full of artists sounding alike, Scooter has found a way to create a unique. quality sound that plays to a wide variety of fans…

Scooter Page is an artist who puts the music first, puts passion into his craft, and both of these things are evident in the music he creates. His dedication to truly being himself and making music that reflects that is both powerful and inspiring.”


Nicholas Yurisak says of the “Love With You” video

“YES !!! these effects… the quality… the music… the message… it has everything”


James Lugo says of the “Music Mood” video

“Killer man.”


If you haven’t yet seen any of the videos for the songs on Scooter’s latest album, you can find them on his YouTube Page.

Love With You – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hcg8MD05VaU

You’re Me – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPtam2Kc5T4

Music Mood – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9XHgtULH7o


Looking to purchase Scooter’s newest album “Dancapagelectroland”?

Tracks on the new album include:

The Introduction
Moving On
Music Mood (Album Version)
You’re Me
Love With You
Only Love
The Conclusion

To listen to DANCAPAGELECTROLAND through your favorite music streaming service check out the following links:

Scooter Page’s new album on Apple Music

Scooter Page’s new album on Spotify

Scooter Page’s new album on Pandora

Scooter Page’s new album through the iTunes Store

Scooter Page’s new album on Deezer


If you have never listened to Scooter’s music before, this is a great album to cut your teeth on. Featuring some of his best work yet, DANCAPAGELECTROLAND will take you on a journey through sound that has been created by the most creative of minds.

Are You Interested in Booking Scooter Page?

If you’re interested in booking either of Scooter’s personalities for your upcoming production, he can be contacted directly through his agents as noted below.

For his acting roles, Scott Caudill is represented by Eleven 7 Artist Management.

Eleven 7 Artist Management

For his singing and songwriting work, Scooter Page can be contacted directly


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