When it comes to Scott Caudill, acting isn’t everything (although he is certainly a performer for life!) But, did you know that Scott is also a musician? In fact, a couple of months ago he was featured on EntertainmentPaper.com for his musical talent!

Scott Caudill Acting Isn’t Everything, He’s a Musician Too!

In an article entitled “Scooter Page Crosses Genre Boundaries With New EP”, Entertainment Paper highlights Scott Caudill’s music career so far and highlight’s how Caudill uses music to express himself. Hitting the nail on the head, the article also highlights Scooter Page as a unique artist for his genre-less music and his ability to cross boundaries like no other. They quote Scott as saying:

“I’m a Genre-less artist which means I do; rock, pop, dance, soul, etc., you name it! Music is a mood to me, not a genre. Genres are made for division and music to me brings us together. So I have never identified with a specific genre. I make what I feel and go from there.”

This is definitely a message that more of us need to pay attention to right now – the importance of eliminating divisive elements in our lives – even when it comes to music!

This article also mentions how difficult it is to describe Scott Caudill (AKA Scooter Page) in words when it comes to his music. On a single album, listeners can experience different music genres as they hop from track to track and feel themselves being transported to an entirely new realm of music.

Perhaps what truly makes Scott Caudill (AKA Scooter Page) unique, though, is the fact that he did not pursue music in a bid for fame and fortune. Ask him and Scott will tell you that:

“The only thing I focus on is to have my artistic expression be my main focus and to begin investing in other artists and creators. The freedom to express me and have others receive it, in an unrestricted way is priceless. That’s why I do what I do and that’s the dream.”

It’s all about the concept of free expression and living in an expressive and unrestricted way. It is perhaps the prioritizing of these concepts that make Scott Caudill (actor) so successful even as he tackles roles in movies and TV that differ starkly from one project to another.

Scott is a multifaceted artist who, above all else, values freedom of expression and the passion of throwing yourself entirely into any project that you take on.

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If you’re interested in booking either of Scott’s personalities for your upcoming production, he can be contacted directly through his agents as noted below.

For his acting roles, Scott is represented by Eleven 7 Artist Management.

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For his singing and songwriting work, Scooter Page can be contacted directly


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