In 2010, you may have caught Scott Caudill in Bones with Rusty Schwimmer! The episode, titled “The Devil in the Details” was episode fourteen of season five, and aired on February 4th.

Scott Caudill in Bones With Rusty Schwimmer – “The Devil in the Details”

*Spoiler Warning!*

Fox Publicity’s episode recap

Brennan and Booth investigate a set of uniquely disfigured remains allegorizing biblical text. As they acquire more information about the victim, a former patient of Dr. Adam Copeland at Havenhurst Sanitarium, they are confronted with suspects who are hard to characterize as either good or evil. Meanwhile, Jeffersonian intern Arastoo Vaziri reveals a secret about his past.

Scott plays the role of Gabe Turner, brother to the murder victim, Neal Lowery.

When a smoldering body is discovered at the alter of a church with horns and a tail, it’s suggested that the body is that of a devil. It’s not long before Angela discovers that the body is that of Neal Lowery.

As the story evolves, it’s discovered that Lowery was a patient in a psychiatric hospital where he was being treated for schizophrenia before he escaped. The team heads to the hospital to get the story on Neal and when they get there, they find that another patient – Neviah – has been painting some very disturbing pictures. One depicts Neal’s crucifixion, another shows staff member, LLoyd, shown as a demon, carrying Neal’s body.

More digging finds that Lloyd had been giving Neal heroin after his prescription medications weren’t working for his schizophrenia. In return, Neal had been giving his prescription medications to Lloyd to distribute at the homeless shelter.

Later investigation leads the team down to a set of electric panels in the basement where they find “Welcome to Hell” scrawled on the wall in blood and evidence of heroin use.

Back at the lab, Angela takes a closer look at the body and discovers that Neal’s boots had been tied together by someone else. The clues lead back to Neal’s brother – Gabe. It’s soon revealed that Gabe had found out about his brother’s drug use when he discovered him using in the basement and he wanted to punish him. Gabe strikes his brother on the head with a pipe, but then accidentally electrocutes him on the electric panels.

When the truth comes out, Gabe and Neal’s mother asks Angela why Neal’s body had been posed the way it had at the alter of the church with horns and a tail. Angela simply tells her that “we all get angry at God sometimes.”

Gabe, Scott Caudill, is arrested for his brother’s death.

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