Scott Caudill, TV actor, dancer, and songwriter has played a number of acting roles over the years,. Today we’re looking at just a few of his TV acting parts!

Scott Caudill TV: 5 TV Acting Roles Scott Has Played

1. Gabe Turner in Bones

Scott Caudill appeared in Bones in 2010 when he played Gabe Turner in an episode entitled “The Devil is in the Details” (Season 5 Episode 14.) .Gabe is the brother of a schizophrenic murder victim. When his brother is found dead burning near the altar of a church by a priest and altar boy, the story gets a little more twisted when it’s revealed that Gabe’s brother was found with devil horns and a tail! Bones doesn’t believe that the boy was the “son of satan” as he claimed while he was living, and she sets out to find the truth about the murder victim and the murderer.

2. Stu McAlpine in The Mentalist

Scott Caudill appeared in The Mentalist in 2010 when he played Stu McAlpine. The episode entitled “Rose Colored Glasses” (Season 2 Episode 11) centers on a murdered couple who are found dead in their car. Lisbon and Jane attend the couple’s high-school reunion in an attempt to get a lead on the murderer and wind up uncovering plenty of dirty little secrets!

3. Craig Hoffstodt in Saving Grace

Scott Caudill played Craig Hoffstodt in the 2010 episode of Saving Grace entitled “You Think I’m Gonna Eat My Gun?” (season 3, episode 17). During this episode, Grace has to cope with survivor’s guilt after killing a young girl while the squad investigates a murder mystery.

4. Benny in Judging Amy

Scott Caudill played Benny in the 2002 episode of Judging Amy entitled “The Cook of the Money Pot”  (Season 3 Episode 13.)In this episode, Amy condemns Kyle for his sexual behavior and his approach to teen counseling also draws criticism from his boss because he is so by the book.

5. CK in Walker, Texas Ranger

In 2001, Scott Caudill played CK in Walker, Texas Ranger. In this episode, entitled “Golden Boy”  (Season 9, Episode 11), Walker takes an interest in a promising young boxer and attempts to stop him from falling in with the wrong crowd. While Walker is preoccupied, the rangers focus their efforts on stopping an ecstasy ring.

A Diverse TV Acting Career So Far!

As you can see from the roles above, Scott has had particularly diverse TV acting jobs during his career so far! In addition to these roles, he has also played in other big name TV shows like

  • Beyond the Break
  • Cold Case
  • Close to Home
  • The Young and the Restless
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • Any Day Now

Are You Interested in Booking Scott Caudill, TV Actor?

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For his acting roles, Scott is represented by Eleven 7 Artist Management.

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